Hi there! I decided to snag this domain name before any other relatives with the same name beat me to it.

Specifically, I am Brian Neil Chuchua Jr. My father’s just Brian Neil Chuchua, without the “Jr.”, and I believe I have a cousin who is also named Brian Chuchua. I do not know his middle name, although I’m almost positive it isn’t Neil.

There really isn’t anything for me to put up here at this time; in the future, I’ll probably stick my resume here, along with a portfolio of pertinent work I’ve done in the field I am pursuing.

If you happen to know me from somewhere, here’s a link to my Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brian.chuchua

This site will be under construction for quite a while. The header at the top of the page will eventually consist of a set of random images representing every single video game I’ve ever played.

Have a nice day.